MANIKOMIO DSGN is a way to write a new piece of history not only in my personal life but also in my professional career in the fashion field, in particular in the bags and accessories market.
A wonderful experience, with a passionate attitude to bags, marked by great success but also by big defeats.
Courage and determination together with honesty and enthusiasm are the values we always use when we start a new challenge.
Our aim is a new project, clean and free , where we can express all our creativity, our passion in giving birth to bags and accessories which consumers will love as we do when we create them before placing them on the market.


I am Massimo Cabbia and I was born in Bologna, but I have been living in Forlì for many years, in the beautiful Romagna.
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to the creation and commercial management of highly successful projects and brands, firstly as a Sales agent and later Sales Director. This has certainly shaped my thought, and contributed to my knowledge of the fashion sector.
Living a project since its inception, from product development to its marketing, is something that I have always loved, I have always done and I believe I will never be able to do without!
I always thought that there shouldn’t be a dividing line between who ‘creates the style’ and who looks after the commercial and marketing side of it. I strongly support that the exchange of opinion and experience combined with the sum of the two skills is fundamental in the creation of a product not only born to be commercially orientated but that has another purpose: To convince and thrill.
Once we reach this objective, the commercial success comes by itself.

They say that passion is the engine of every success, I believe that my passion for bags and the adrenaline that I feel in putting myself and getting back into the game have always been the real engine thanks to which MANIKOMIO DSGN has taken shape.
A project that perhaps has always existed in me and that I decide to share with you today.
A great business man from Forlì, Alberto Vignatelli, founder of a very successful company worldwide, used to say:

“Every time you create a product that goes beyond traditional aesthetic codes, you run risks, but this is the beauty of my job. Only by risking and putting yourself at stake you have the possibility of creating avant-garde and timeless solutions”
In these words we find our greatest inspiration every day to do it better and better.

Massimo Cabbia


We live in an era where the Product needs to satisfy profound personal needs: gratification, self- love and enjoying time for ourselves.
We believe that these needs greatly influence the willingness of the consumer to proceed or not with any purchase of a non-essential product.
The aim of MANIKOMIO DSGN is to pamper, excite and gratify its customers by creating high quality MADE IN ITALY bags and accessories, in different materials and multiple varieties of color.
We love to do all those things that we would like to buy but which we cannot find.
We try not to be a passing fashion, and our ambition is to think and create products able of pleasing and exciting the consumer.
All this while maintaining a great balance between style, quality, emotion and value.
The goal of MANIKOMIO DSGN is to convince and thrill

The promise of MANIKOMIO DESIGN is to stay consistent with our thinking and our ideas