For the first presentation of our AVIATOR’S KIT BAG, we’ve chosen two materials: Textured leather and holona canvas. These will always accompany our AVIATOR’S KIT BAG.
With time, we are going to introduce other materials and graphic variants to make our proposal even wider and more interesting.

The leather we use is a valuable and important raw material that we love very much and that comes from one of the oldest tanneries in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Florence).
Feels soft to the touch, has great resistance and excellent resilience to guarantee a long life to our AVIATOR’S KIT BAG. The leather, an italian “Glam” symbol, combines with the determination and style of the AVIATOR’S KIT BAG to satisfy the aesthetic expectations of an increasingly wider, attentive and demanding public. The leather is specifically made for us in 10 different colors.

The olona canvas version of our AVIATOR’S KIT BAG was certainly essential.
It is an ancient 100% cotton fabric with a narrow weave whose history takes us back to the pre-industrial era. It’s made by an important Florentine drape respecting the old tradition, worked on a loom, until a strong and very resistant canvas is obtained, which is then dyed, in an artisanal way, in 6 different “washed out effect” colors.
The AVIATOR’S KIT BAG in Holona canvas is a valid alternative to the leather version, excellent for all seasons and for all those who want a slightly lighter and a little more “war bag”.

All the ribbons used for the finishes of the AVIATOR’S KIT BAG are 100% cotton and made in Italy. The ribbons were created for us by a historic Tuscan company, which has been producing ribbons and ropes for the navy, aeronautics and the army for generations.


Our production is fully made in Italy, a country with big tradition and expertise in production of bags and fully recognised all over the world. The capable hands of our “Mastro pellettieri” sew and pack our bags in different materials and give birth to unique artworks, paying attention to color matching and color contrasting. The choice of using “sagoma a fustella intera” gives us the possibility to avoid as much as possible ugly seems and cuts. This choice may seem uneconomic, because of the bigger use of material, but we want to produce a product with a higher value. Imagination mixed to creativity leades our efforts in the creation of prototypes with classic or modern materials, which are then transformed in new bags with new style.

In chromatic contrast are also its seams, the selvedge of the zipper, the shoulder strap, the ribbon for the internal borders and handles-the almost 3m/5cm cotton tape that runs on the front, bottom and the back of the bag, which is also a characterizing aesthetic element.

Each and every  seam has been “cleaned” by edging with natural color cotton ribbon, a sturdy 8 mm metal zipper with double slider and double zipper specially designed and customized for MANIKOMIO DSGN, which guarantees absolute content security.

Last, and very important detail for us: We’ve decided  to make our AVIATOR’S KIT BAG with whole pieces of leather exclusively, thus avoiding unsightly “cuts” and seams. A choice that wasn’t certainly economic, considering the greater use of very high quality leather, but that corresponds to our greatest satisfaction and a finished product of  unquestionable greater value.

Another contrast of color is found in the cotton canvas that we use for the packaging of the 10 internal pockets. There is a convenient carabiner for keys inside, secured to the body of the bag by a patriotic Italian tricolor ribbon. To recall our origin, the same ribbon is used on the bottom of the bag as the edging of the “cleaning seam”


Our bags are characterized by two handmade graphics with a traditional loom screen printing technique. A smaller one at the front on the lower right, and another one at the back, larger and clearly visible, that says “PROPERTY OF MANIKOMIO DSGN HEADQUARTER’S FORLI’-ITALY”. A romantic reference to our city that might not be one of the most famous cities in Italy for fashion, but is however a land of great ideas and great talents, capable of doing excellent and highly appreciated things all over the world.

We are able to make a large number of personalisation and customizations on request. From the creation of your initials to the choice of a different material,  a different color or a particular print. All changes and customizations must be requested and agreed upon purchase.

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